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Project management
Google Analytics
Google AdWords
Social Media Marketing
Internet Marketing
E-Mail Marketing

The Digital Marketing Manager (on USA market) is responsible for the day-to-day administration of digital marketing and advertising initiatives for agency clients. They are instrumental in the development and implementation of new initiatives, and also assist in the development of marketing and advertising strategies, including gathering and analyzing information. Digital Marketing Managers should have a thorough understanding of the advertising industry; as well as possess a strong background in digital, search and social marketing.

Digital Marketing Managers are in direct contact with the clients and should maintain these relationships on a daily basis. It is the objective of the Digital Marketing Manager to secure the clients’ confidence as a digital advertising professional who can support their digital marketing and advertising strategies and initiatives.


· Work with Media Director to plan, organize, activate and control the day-to-day strategy, reporting and executional process while bringing a perspective to strategy development and the execution of digital creative and media plans

· Work with senior staff on the planning and implementation of digital advertising and marketing initiatives to serve the Clients’ business as needed.

· This includes the development of digital media plans, budget allocation planning and management, ground research, the supervision of creative development and production, and campaign effectiveness monitoring.

· Engage and activate both internal team members and the Client to maximize effectiveness.

Account Management

· Manage assigned Client(s) daily digital Google Ads, Bing Ads, YouTube Pre-Roll and Facebook Ads Manager projects and implementation in accordance with strategy

· Prototype new landing pages for existing and new funnels.

· Anticipate Client(s) needs, and work with the Digital Director to keep the Agency in the position of leading client success around digital pay per click, display and social advertising.

· Track daily and report weekly campaign performance, including: web and media unit analytics, search performance, PPC performance and social platform performance, Assist account teams in determination of monthly media budgets for Client(s)

· Maintain daily contact with internal Account Management as well as other internal departments around issues or opportunities to correct or improve the optimization of client digital ad campaigns.

· Keep Account Management informed of Client relations.

Campaign Development

· Work directly with client for the inclusion and consideration of digital strategies and tactics in marketing efforts and campaigns.

· Manage the preparation, optimization and delivery of digital Pay-Per-Click campaigns for the Client.

· Provide strategic guidance to Account Service and Creative Teams during plan development.

· Assure that Client(s) are aware of and understand Agency procedures as well as timelines for new initiatives or projects.

· Monitor production timetables and ensure each milestone is met and addressed, keeping Client(s) and Account Teams apprised of process and time line ramifications.

· Assist Media Director in gathering and creating new business pitch strategy and materials.

General Client/Account Support

· Monitor and report competitive actions and/or initiatives.

· Update monthly digital reports to keep Agency staff/Client(s) up to date on the status and results of all initiatives.

· Participate in weekly status calls/meetings.

· Monitor and Trigger Client/Vendor billing and payments, when applicable.

· Review and be familiar with all contractual agreements with the Client, vendors and other partnerships.

· Train account teams on the digital side of the business along with training on their internal operational responsibilities.


· If applicable, provide accurate direction Jr.Team, and assure support staff follows Agency procedures and fulfills job responsibilities.

· Participate in training of new employees, when applicable.


· At least 5 years experience in Digital Marketing, Digital Display and SEM/Paid Search Account Advertising preferred.

· Google Ads Certified with familiarity with interactive media and development, including “call to action” best practices, graphic design, user experience definition, content strategy and development, and programming technologies.

· Excellent multi-tasking, networking, time management and interpersonal skills.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads Manager

The responsibilities are many, various, and not limited to those written in this document.

Salary: BOE

Schedule: Monday to Friday

How to apply

If you are sure you are the one who we are looking for, please list your last projects and brifly describe your role in each of them.

Also, please provide your skype and best time to contact you (after 17:00 Moscow time) . Thank you.