Remote Senior Front-End Developer (JS, React, HTML, CSS)

от 2500 USD до 3200 USD
Удаленная работа, Более 6 лет, Полная занятость, Стандарт плюс

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Required work experience: more than 6 years, fluent oral English is obligatory
Full time, remote work from home (typical working hours 10 am - 8 pm GMT+3) - financial news analysis company, invites 2-3 new employees. That is a good opportunity to improve your skills of working on the challenging projects.
Note: You will work directly with the company founder and his engineering team. The company works 24 hours/6 days a week and provide services to clients based in more than 100 countries all over the world. You will work using the most modern technologies making outstanding and significant things for our grateful clients; you're going to cooperate with energetic, smart and goal-seeking technical specialists. Opportunity to work during the whole project life cycle.

Required skills and qualification:
  • Experience in web development on the challenging projects;
  • 5+ years of JavaScript & web-development experience and in-depth knowledge of modern frameworks (React JS + Vue JS/Angular);
  • Experience with modern HTML and CSS;
  • UX/UI design;
  • EDUCATION: Degree of computer science / higher mathematics or other natural science preferred, Master or PHD degree is welcomed;
  • Fluent oral and written English is obligatory.

Bonus skills:
  • Experience with web real-time pushing technologies like websockets, SignalR;
  • Web design skills and knowledge.

  • Work in the group on a global level.
  • You should be responsible, passionate and active person, who wants to be a part of an elite team in creation new solutions to change and reinvent the way the world works.

About us

We are one of the leaders in our industry with long track record of... STOP!

And now without any stale cliches - we work during more than 20 years on the financial news market analysis. What a software developer could think hearing such words? Probably they already have the impeccable systems and they only need to support all of them working properly. That’s sort of true - main part of the basic systems has been already designed, configured and debugged. But this stability has a flip side of the coin which many would prefer to keep silence about - we have legacy code, rather extensive base of it. Yes, it needs to be supported and understood.
What else could we tell about us? We are developing and inventing. No matter how trite it may sound, we have many new ideas and projects. From the developer’s point of view, this means that you need to be able to write new applications while maintaining some succession, be able to integrate new features into existing systems and not be afraid to try something new, while proving the need to apply certain approaches / technologies / frameworks, etc.
We strive to apply a dynamic work style so as not to get bogged down in a ossified corporate bureaucracy. Requirements may change when the development is in progress, sometimes you have to go back and revise the original thesis, but it is better to do something from scratch and do it well than to finish something that was a bad thing from the very beginning.
Who is the ideal candidate for this job? It would be a great question if wasn’t so trivial and all the HR managers answered it in the same way. We’ll try too. We need a team player and a true professional in the areas and tech stack stated in the job description.
What do we mean by team player? A specialist who is ready and loves to solve problems interacting with others. That’s the essential things: calling your colleagues; writing in working chats; giving comments in the course of problems solving; not being afraid to ask for help in case of any issues; just saying “Hello!” to your colleagues when you start working; and not escaping small talks about different things sometimes.
Who is a professional? You will be told about this during the technical interview much better than any HR manager could explain. Generally speaking, one must be able to do well what is required in the designated area of work. That’s it.

If your skills match the requirements for this challenging opportunity, please send us your resume today! Do not apply if you don't have the required experience.

Paid time off + paid sick leave

Assessment process:
1) First introduction interview;
2) Technical skills online test;
3) Technical interview.